Research at Nikita

Nikita Transphase sees research as key to being relevant in an era of increasing global competition.

Meeting our goal of putting customer requirements first, having in-depth insight into the chemistry of the application is key to success.

Our promoters are Chemical Engineers and Pharmacists first, and promoters second, and it is in our DNA.

Thanks to this background, we have close connection with Engineering, and Chemistry research institutions which we tap from time to time for developmental work.

Over the years, we have developed several molecules and formulations that are uniquely suited to meet our clients needs.

We have lab scale and pilot plant facilities equipped with, flask reactors, 1 lit autoclaves, vacuum pumps, distillation columns, thermic fluid and water baths, plug flow reactors, filters to carry out vast range of reactions.

Our labs have comprehensive analytical capabilities as well. We have gas chromatography,Thin Layer Chromatography, Hydroxyl Value, Refractometers, Karl Fischer Titrators, Potentiometric Titrator amongst other equipment.

We can carry out Alkylations with Lewis and Bronsted Acids, Quaternization, Condensations, Polymerizations, Esterifications, Darzens Condensation and many other chemistries.

Nikita Manufacturing Sites

Nikita has 3 Units in Boisar MIDC about 100km north of Mumbai. This allows proximity to several ports, industrial clusters in Maharashtra gujarat, two states with a large chemical and pharma industry. Each unit has its own production QC lab, and Unit II has a central Analytical lab for RMs as well as finished goods.

Unit I : T95/96 MIDC Boisar

Quaternization, Alkylation, Crystallization, Solid handling

Unit II : N180 MIDC boisar

Quaternization, Alkylation, Bulk Solvent Storage licence, Gas-Liquid loop reactors, Central QC and Analytical lab

Unit III : N14/2 MIDC Boisar

Nikita in addition to Manufacturing and selling its own products, also offers tolling services. We are open to long term agreements with large chemical companies to provide OEM or intermediate manufacturing support subject to non-compete and NDA clauses.

We do process development, refinement and scale-up as required.