Our Mission

We are committed to keep Customer requirements first. We will create value for Customers by using research to gain insight to develop and refine our products.

We will provide all possible assistance to formulate products in the right form, packaging and quantity as required by the Customer. We will be highly  responsive to customer requests. We will take care of our employees so that  they feel they are stakeholders in our success.

Our Values


We will always be driven by chemistry, and use it to innovate and improve.


We will not compromise on product quality, and strive to ensure that
no product leaving our factory comes up short


We will maintain maximum transparency with the customers, in respect
of all interactions

Employee Engagement

All employees of Nikita should have a stake in the company and get
opportunities to grow

Social Responsibility

India is has long way to go in providing true social equality, we will
not discriminate on basis of gender, social background, economic
status or health. We will promote projects that work towards promoting
social development in our community and country.