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M/s Nikita Transphase Adducts Pvt. Ltd.

   Admin Office    :     C3/26 Samruddhi CHS, B. Parulekar Marg, Dadar, Mumbai (Bombay) 400 028, India.
Factory              :     T-96,N-181,N-182 M.I.D.C. Tarapur-401506, Dist. Thane. India.

  • Year Of incorporation : Sept. 1992.
  • Activities : Manufacture of Bitterants, Quaternary Ammonium Salts and Specialty chemicals for Rubber Industry
    and PVC bases industry.

    Vijay P. Pednekar, Director

  • B. Chem. Engg., UDCT, University of Bombay
  • 12 years in Production/Tech. Service in Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilisers Ltd
  • Has provided consulting services to several small scale manufacturing unit startups.
  • Over 20 years of experience in product development and organic chemistry
  • Founder, Director, Nikita Transphase, 1992

    Nikhil Pednekar, Director

  • M. Tech. Chemical Engg, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • 3.5 years Engineer, Simulation Sciences/Invensys, Brea, CA. Testing/Modelling/Online Optimization of continuous processes plants.
  • 2003-date: Director, Nikita Transphase

    Urmila V. Pednekar, CFO

  • B. Pharm., UDCT, University of Bombay.
  • 25 years in commercial and retail banking,
  • CFO of NTAPL since 1996.


  • Boiler : 3,00,000Kcals /Hr Thermic Fluid Heater.
  • Reaction Vessels : Four SS 316 6600 lit total capacity vessels with condensers of 25 sq. m. area.
  • Autoclave : 250 lit capacity.
  • Peripherals : Homogeniser, Neutsh filter, Cooling Tower 25TR, Vacuum Jet Ejector.
  • Laboratory : Lab equipped to carry out routine chemical analysis, GC for analysis of RM and FG.

    Range of Products

    A.    Rubber Chemicals

  • Antioxidants for natural latex based transparent/brightly coloured 
    articles like Balloons, Rubber Foam Mattresses, Thread and Gloves. 

  • Antioxidants for SBR, NR applications like Footwear, Automotive tyres, rice Rollers etc.

  • Foam Stabilisers for Foam Mattresses/Cellular rubber. We offer substitutes 
    for expensive and difficult to find products like Vulcafor EFA/Trimene Base.
  • Latex Stabilisers to improve the Mechanical Stability of the Latex.
  • Paraffin Wax Emulsions

    B.    Bitterants / Aversive Agents

  • Denatonium Benzoate and Denatonium Saccharide: Bitterants for Denatured Alcohol to prevent misuse.
    Used in Antifreezes and many household chemicals like detergents, various cleaning agents,
    disinfectants, cosmetics etc to prevent accidental or deliberate ingestion. A very cost effective
    method of increasing safety of your product. Also find application in pest repellant formulations
    for pipes, cables, sprays for protecting hedges from deer etc.

    C.    Quaternary Ammonium Salts

        We make quats used in the manufacture of condoms, household cleaners, synthetic fibres and
as phase transfer catalysts.Our products are generally available as solutions ranging from 25-70%w/w
        depending on the requirement of the client.

List of Our Some of Clients

M/s. Apcotex Lattices Ltd.
M/s. Ashok–Alco Chem Ltd.
Bykof Group of Companies, Kerala
M/s. Eliokem India Pvt Ltd
Footcare Group, Kottayam
M/s. Godavari Sugar Mills Ltd.
M/s. Khanna & Khanna Ltd.
Lunar Group of Companies, Kerala
M/s. M.M. Rubber Co.Ltd.
M/s. Paragon Rubber Industries, Kottayam/Salem/Medak 
M/s. Preston India (P) Ltd,Bangalore
M/s. Sundaram Auto Components
M/s. T.T.K. Biomed Ltd.
M/s. Vijay Latex Ltd.
M/s. Cnerg-Tech, Mumbai

For detailed specifications, or any pricing, shipping or packaging enquiries
please contact us or email us.