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We manufacture a range of antioxidants and other chemicals required in the
manufacture of rubber products such as
balloons, footwear, gloves, rubber
sheets as well in the manufacture of SBR, NBR rubber and latex itself.
Some of our products are listed below. If you have any specific requirements
about products not mentioned in this list, please contact us.

Antiox - SP (Styrenated Phenol)

Antiox-SP is a mixture of mono-di-tri styrenated phenols. It is a widely used general purpose, non-staining antioxidant. It is also an excellent starting material for ethoxylates for use as emulsifiers in pesticide applications.

Antiox - BSF (Butyl Di-Cumyl Phenol)

Non-staining, medium-hi-activity antioxidant. Mixture of butylated, cumylated phenols. Excellent antioxidant for SBR, NBR. Substitute for Wingstay C (TM)*

Antiox - HA20 (Styrenated Diphenylamine)

Non-staining, milding discolouring, medium-hi-activity antioxidant. Condensation product of Styrene and Diphenylamine, with an average Styrene to Diphenyl ratio of approx 2. Can be used as substitute for products like Wingstay 29 (TM)*

Antiox - DKS

Autosynergistic, non-staining, multifunctional antioxidant. Mono-alkylated polyphenolic antioxidant with a thio group introduced for reduced volatility and improved antioxidant perormance. Vastly superior performance to commonly recommended antioxidants like TNPP, Wingstay* T/S/C


Stabilizer to improve MST of Natural Latex

Hypergel Base

Hypergel Base is a proprietory formulation used as a secondary gelling agent. Substitute for Vulcafor EFA*, when used as a gelling agent.


Gel Sensitizer to be used with gelling agent like EFA*, DPG, or Hypergel Base. Can also be used by itself. 


Non-ionic Paraffin wax emulsion. Available in various active contents.

Can also be used by itself. 


Non-ionic/Anionic Microcrystalline wax emulsion. Available in various active contents.

* Wingstay X, Vulcafor EFA and others are registered trademarks of companies like Goodyear Chemicals, Bayer etc

For detailed specifications, or any pricing, shipping or packaging enquiries
please contact us or email us.