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Antiox BSF (Butylated DiCumylated Phenol)

Composition : It is a mixture of butylated, di cumyl phenols.

Specifications :

Physical Form : Viscous liquid
Colour : Dark Straw to Amber
Mol. Weight approx 386
Viscosity : 2000-5500 cps @ 270 C
Refractive Index : 1.5600 to 1.5700 
Volatile Matter : 1.0 % Max measured @ 600 C
Uses :

Styrenated Phenol (SP) is the simplest form of a  “Hindered Phenolic” type antioxidant. It is a low activity antioxidant but is used extensively because other more effective alternatives like Wingstay L® tend to be very expensive. Antiox BSF is also a hindered phenol and provides significantly better stabilization for SBR and NBR polymers than SP. It is effective at lower dosage and therefore stays cost competitive. It is non-staining, non-blooming and can be used in latex and general purpose rubbers as well.

It also maintains it’s effectiveness after vulcanization, thereby continuing to give sustained protection to the final product that the latex maybe converted to. Use as substitute for Wingstay C ®.

Packing : 50 kg HDPE carbouys

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