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Wax Emulsion


Waxmul is an emulsion of Refined Paraffin Wax in water. The emulsifiers
used are non-ionic, unlike conventional wax emulsions which are
soap based. Hence the emulsion has an excellent hard water stability.
The non-ionics are alcohol ethoxylates and therefore non-toxic.


Physical Form White coloured Stable free flowing emulsion
Solid Content  40 1 % w/w
Paraffin Wax Refined Paraffin Wax of mp 58-60 0C


Waxmul is used for different purposes depending on the application.
In case of rubber foam it creates a layer of paraffin wax on the surface
of the finished product which results in a glossy appearance. It also
creates a water resistant surface which prevents a loss of hardness
due to moisture pick up by the hydrophilic china clay filler. When used
in small quantities it also acts like a defoamer in dipping baths.

How to use Waxmul

Waxmul is added to the Latex after deammoniation prior to maturation.
1.5 to 3 Kg of Waxmul is used per 200 lit barrel of Latex.


50/200 kg HDPE drum


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