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Poor MST of the natural latex is a matter of concern to the processor of natural latex.
It not only causes loss of rubber due to lump formation even during storage but it can
also pose different problems depending upon the process. In the manufacture of Rubber
Foam it will cause a premature gellation compelling the processor to reduce the primary
gelling agent. As is well known in the trade, this will result in the poor structure of foam.
In the case of rubber thread where the latex has to pass through the orifice, poor MST
can result in breaking of the thread and uneven diameter of the thread. In the production
of dipped goods the action of moulds being dipped in and out of the bath, causes loss of
rubber due to skin formation and results in an uneven deposition. It is observed that in
compounded Latex the MST comes down considerably due to dilution. Addition of Stabex
to the Latex before compounding reduces this problem.

About Stabex

Stabex is a Fatty Amine Sulfonate that counters the action of VFA and Polyvalent salts
thereby increasing the MST. Its pH is adjusted to be compatible with the latex. It is fully
water soluble and miscible with the latex. It has no detrimental effect on the latex even
if it is mixed with latex and stored for a very long time. Stabex also is low foaming and
does not unduly increase the chemical stability of the latex so that the destabilisation
of the rubber particles is not affected.


Chemical Nature     It is a proprietary blend based on Fatty Amine Sulfonates.
Appearance Transparent yellowish liquid that may show some haziness on standing
pH 9 to 10.5
Solid Content 30 1%

How to use Stabex

Only about 200-300 gms to 1.0 Kg of Stabex is required to be added per barrel of latex.
It can be added to the latex as soon as the drums arrive at the factory and stored as usual.
Alternatively it can be added to the latex just at the time of deammoniation.


Stabex is available in 50 Kg HDPE carboys

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