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Hypergel Base

Specifications :

Physical Form : Viscous liquid, 
Colour : Amber
Specific Gravity : 1.1 
pH : 8.5-10.5 of 1% solution



HYPERGEL BASE is an unique secondary gelling agent used to "sharpen up" the gelling process. It causes the destabilization of the rubber particles so that the gelling pH is increased, thereby ensuring an improved structure. The gradual addition of the product to soap solution results in turbidity and separation of an oil. This, in all likelihood, is the mechanism responsible for improved gelling. The gel formed without the addition of HYPERGEL BASE is pasty at lower pH, which becomes firm at higher pH.

Advantages of HYPERGEL BASE :

1.     It is a gel sensitiser as well as an accelerator.
2.     It therefore results in much better "Modulus" or hardness of the product.
3.     It is very easy to use. Unlike DPG, it need not be ball milled as it can be diluted with water before use.
4.     It is non-staining. It does not result in a dark coloured product like DPG
5.     It is well known that at high ambient temperature locations there is the danger of overcure. The processing of low M.S.T. lattices becomes very difficult. By using HYPERGEL BASE one can easily control the cure and obtain a uniform product.
It can be used for lattices of all kinds. Even low mechanical stability lattices can be processed.


HYPERGEL BASE is diluted to make 20% active solution in water. It is then added at 0.6 - 0.8% depending upon the latex quality and the temperature. For a drum of 116 kg latex, about 0.7 to 1.0 kg of the product as supplied or 4 to 5 kg. of diluted product must be used.
It can be added to the bowl just before ZnO dispersion is added or it can be mixed with the filler

Packing : 50/200 kg HDPE carbouys


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