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Antiox DKS

Composition : Self-synergised, hi-activity, non-staining, non-blooming antioxidant

Specifications :

Physical Form : Viscous liquid
Colour : Light green 
Density : 0.9-0.95
Viscosity : 300-1200 cps @ 270 C
Volatile Matter : 3.0 % Max measured @ 600 C
Uses :

Antiox DKS is a highly hindered polyphenolic multifunctional antioxidant. This is achieved by the introduction of a thio group in the molecule. This also reduces the volatility of the compound, making it suitable for higher temperature and long-term elastomer protection. Unlike other high activity hindered phenols which tend to be solids, DKS is a liquid, and hence easy to incorporate and disperse in the compound. 

It is a self-synergystic, non-staining, non-blooming antioxidant, used to provide protection to raw SBR, NBR and BR lattices. It does not hydrolyze, and can be used with Antiox-BSF to give optimal antioxidant performance.
Packing : 50 kg HDPE carbuoys

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